Maintain your work life balance

KIWIs provide an effortless way to monitor and adjust your stress levels.

What are your KIWIs?

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Your Key Wellness Indicators

KIWIs (Key Wellness Indicators) are personal behaviors that are already part of our everyday life. They don't require any extra effort. Their job is to make us aware of when we are losing our work life balance so we can adjust before we hit the wall.

For example, for someone that regularly goes to bed before 10 pm, a later bed time may indicate that work is becoming too much. Similarly, someone that cooks homemade meals may identify fast food as an indicator of stress.

Tracking our KIWIs just once a week allows us to self-regulate, maintaining work life balance and stay consistent over time.

How to identify your KIWIs

Specific behaviors. Pick behaviors that are specific (e.g., One lunch or call with parents) over ambiguous ones (e.g., Connect with parents.).

Already part of your life. Pick behaviors that you already have. Don’t write "Go to the gym 3X a week" if you usually go once; write instead "Go to the gym every week."

Changes under stress. Pick behaviors that are likely to change quickly when you are losing your work life balance. E.g. for someone sleep may change faster than eating habits.

Easy to evaluate. Pick behaviors that are easy to recall once a week. If you are using a metric (e.g., number of hours of sleep), consider using a tracker, like a smartphone.

Looking for KIWI examples?

See examples of Key Wellness Indicators that have worked well for the Heron community. Use the checklist above to confirm if any of these KIWIs is a good fit for you.

  • Call parents / grandparents / etc. on Sunday
  • Call one friend every week
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  • Read bedtime stories 3X a week
  • One outing with partner without kids
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  • Gym 2X a week / 3 walks after dinner
  • Make a homemade dinner X times a week / Every Sunday / etc.
  • 7 hrs average sleep
  • 65 bpm resting heart beat
  • Drink 1 gallon of water/day
  • No more than 5 glasses of wine
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  • Out of bed before 9 am everyday
  • Go to bed before 11 pm everyday
  • Meditate 3X a week
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Inescapable chores
  • Expenses report is up to date
  • Clean the apartment
  • Grading is up to date
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  • Not working on the weekends
  • Not working after dinner
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