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Heron is a productivity solution for business owners looking to grow their business without burning out.

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Heron principles

Most productivity methods focus on maximizing how much we can do. We list our TO-DOs and try to complete as many of them, as quickly as possible. The grind leads us sooner or later to burnout.

Heron teaches you to maintain work-life balance and to define specific business goals for a specific period of time. Clarity in our goals allow us to prioritize the TO-DOs that really matter. Then we can move forward without fretting. Have you ever seen a heron in a hurry?

People choose Heron, not only because it works, but also because it places equal importance on self-care, business results and connection to others. 

Our secret is mixing OKRs and humans.

Balance comes first.
Know the next step.
Prioritize with
Humans make it happen.
Meet the founder


Magdalena brings years of experience managing global teams at Google. After leaving corporate, she realized that the same tools that had helped her prioritize for a large global team can be used to prioritize her day-to-day. Much of her thinking around OKRs has been influenced by Christina Wodtke and Hannes Albrecht. Today Magdalena works as a consultant for companies implementing OKRs, is an executive coach and actively contributes to the non-profit space.

Magdalena uses friends' visits to Miami as an excuse to do an excursion into the Everglades and spot Blue Herons (her friends really go for the alligators).

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Magdalena Pire Shmidth. Founder of Heron.

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